References (full statements available on request):

Ms. Soltis brought to her position at Webster's New World outstanding work attributes and scholarship. Besides general defining and special topic defining, she has also contributed to our publications her skill in writing etymologies and her ability to handle foreign languages. She is a particularly well-rounded editor, having not only the gift of graceful and accurate defining but also a fine ear and eye for reviewing existing copy.

--Michael Agnes, Editor in Chief, Webster's New World Dictionaries/Wiley Publishing

Kathy is not simply a good writer. She also has what many writers lack, a firm understanding of the machinery of lucid writing, of all the details of grammar and syntax, of spelling and punctuation, that together make clear written communication possible. Her ability to spot (and correct) mistakes, typos, infelicities, and inconsistencies is exceptionally keen. She combines, thus, the ability to write well herself with ability to improve the writing of others through her talents as a copy editor and proofreader. Either of these skills is becoming harder and harder to find; to find them both combined in one person is rare indeed.

--Andrew N. Sparks, Senior Supervising Editor, Webster's New World Dictionaries/Wiley Publishing

If I were given the opportunity to choose an editor for something new I might write, my first choice would be Kathy Soltis. . . . What makes her editorial insights so valuable is the way she combines her own skills as a writer with her knowledge of linguistics and the technical details of editing.

--P. K. Saha, Associate Professor Emeritus of English and Linguistics, Case Western Reserve University

Kathy Soltis edited and copyedited numerous documents for me within the last ten years. Among these were my own scholarly works and the grant proposals I submitted to the National Science Foundation. . . .  Subsequently, she also edited essays by numerous authors . . . to be posted on the Web in the Online Ethics Center. Ms. Soltis's work met the highest editing standards and did us both credit. I found her very conscientious and willing to accommodate unexpected constraints when these arose.

--Caroline Whitbeck, Elmer G. Beamer-Hubert H. Schneider Emerita Professor of Ethics and Professor of

Philosophy, Case Western Reserve University

I edited the full text or portions of each of these books:

David D. Van Tassel, Ed., Aging, Death, and the Completion of Being (University of Pennsylvania Press,


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             Managerial Process (National Association of Accountants, 1983).

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             (Cleveland Friends Meeting, 1984).

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John D. Aram, Presumed Superior: Individualism and American Business (Prentice-Hall, 1993).

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Style Guide in Webster's New World Compact Desk Dictionary and Style Guide, Second Edition (2002).

Barbara Rolleston, General Ed., Enduring Questions for an Intercultural World: An Anthology, Second

             Edition (Baldwin-Wallace College, 2010).


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