Its or it's? Compliment or complement? Who or whom? Which punctuation marks go inside, or outside, those quotation marks? Confusing? Sometimes--or maybe it's just an uncaught typo. Trivial? Never--if you want to win your reader's respect, make a convincing argument, or sell someone a product or service. Clean, clear, comprehensible writing creates the best impression.

A very wise person put it this way: 1) Don't let the reader be distracted from what you are saying because of the way you say it. 2) Everyone needs an editor.

I am a freelance editor. I read through written material in order to find and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, word choice, grammar, sentence structure, and other elements of writing, in order to present you with a clean, easily readable document, rather than one that just misses the mark. My goal is to bring your writing to its highest possible level and to make you look as smart and competent on paper as you know you are.

I offer these services:

· Editing hard copy (printed material) by hand and Word documents online

· Providing written feedback or face-to-face sessions dealing with the individual writer's specific problems and needs

· Proofreading (reading material against an existing draft and correcting errors)

· Revising language in the dissertations and theses of non-native speakers of English

My background:

· 25 years as a dictionary editor, writer, researcher, and etymologist

· Freelancing for authors, professors, newsletters, and a teaching website

· M.A. in English literature and linguistics (1982) from Case Western Reserve University; B.A. from Michigan State University

Whether you are preparing  ۰ a book manuscript  ۰ a scholarly paper  ۰ a newsletter  ۰ a press release  ۰ a crucial business letter  ۰ website material  ۰ an advertising brochure  ۰ a menu,  or  ۰ a political leaflet, it is always useful to have a trained eye give your text one last review.

We all were taught to write in high school and college, and we generally succeed. But writing for the public requires certain specific skills. I bring knowledge of the fine points of grammar, an ear for clear and idiomatic phrasing, familiarity with preferred spelling conventions in current American English, and a good memory for consistency in usage--plus access to style guides and other reference tools. And I have a near-photographic memory for spellings in English, French, and Spanish, plus some familiarity with several other languages.

Call or e-mail me at any time. Let's work together to achieve greater clarity in your written communication.

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Copy Editing and Proofreading